Sunday, June 14, 2009


I love flowers. I'm not always happy with a
paintings "outcome" but the one with the flowers, I really love this one. I sat out in the front yard on a box and just painted, listening to the birds, the laughter inside the house, little dogs running around my feet, I also dropped my painting pallett upside down on the ground. It was a "perfect" weather day, too. The conditions were just right (which dosent happen very often). .

Scarborough Fair

Simon and Garfunckle sing it best. Old folk lore, a song that know one knows the origination of. Possible, yet impossible. Not there, yet there. What does the future hold.....


On reading Siddhartha: There was an "inbetween", somewhere between enlightenment and earthbound, some clarity but not. He sat by the river and pondered.........

Friday, June 12, 2009

Little Pieces

It feels to me,that, every little thing is a piece of other little things, making big things and on and on and on. This is a middle sized piece of something much larger.

Lemon and Two Oranges

These guys hang on the studio wall at Odd Nerdrum's farm. I painted them while I was there. As you can see buy the mold, well the mold was so beautiful it had to become part of the picture.

Cuddle It Up

I'd never expect lemons to look so chummy. My friend says they either look like there humping or the one is bullying the other. She's so funny, I just love her.

On the Edge

Yosemite at sundown. It's so beautiful there. It appears that the longer I camped there the harder it was to come home. Of course there was this one guy who was riding his scooter down to the little camp store and he was very tall . He was coming down the hill and there was a low overhang. He didn't duck down and he knocked himself out. I think he was pretty ready to go home after that. The sunset was really beautiful though. I hope the guy was Ok. Beautiful sunset.

Bunches O Bananas

I love bananas, they travel in a group and once you learn how to peel them its all up hill from there.

Monets Boat

Monet is so amazing. I decided to paint a copy of this painting because I want that boat.

Apple and His Friends

Apples are fun, so colorful. I was painting along and I look up and he has bugs. They sat there for a long time ( the bugs sat there for a long time, the apple didn't have much of a choice).