Tuesday, June 29, 2010


9 x 12 Oil on Prepared Wood
I painted Linda at Randy Higbee's Open Studio last Wednesday.


12 x 16 Oil on Canvas
A portrait I did for Odd Nerdrum's online competition.


9 x 12 Oil on Primed Wood

Berch Tree

10 x 10 Oil on Prepared Bristol Paper

The Dog Bed

12 x 12 Oil on Prepared Paper
My little dog Wren has a little dog bed in the livingroom. She spends most of her time there when she is not pacing around the house aimlessly.

Copper Tea Kettle

10 x 10 Oil on Prepered Bristol Paper
I found this tea kettle at the thrift store as well for the small price of  $2.00. Copper is so beautiful. Every color can be found in it depending on its age and how it's been taken care of.

La Signora caffettiera

8 x 10 Oil on Canvas Panel
I found this esspresso maker at the thrift stor for $5.00.  It's awesome. The water boils in the bottom, filters through the grounds in the middle, and comes out of a little spout in the top.

Silver Tea Kettle

8 x 10 Oil On Primed Wood
I use this in conjunction with my coffee press.

Starbucks Christmas Coffee Press

9 x 12 Oil On Canvas (Series: Tea And Coffee)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


9 x 12 Oil on Linen Panel
I love to paint fruit. Especially citrus.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Random thoughts that should be wondered about……….

Journal entry on 4/27/2010

I think in abstract thought. A lot of symbolism and no real grounded movement. The gravitaion to unusual thinking causes a rash of random thinking and possibilities for new ideas to enter. A sort of portal for invention. I walk a fine line between reality and something else. My artwork is reflective of this type of layering. There is a lot of space between symbols. People tend to focus on the visually observed but the truth of the matter is that matter is one solid form with a vast amount of space around it. Read between the lines because there is more to be seen. Where the spirits live and what else lives there we haven’t discovered yet but there is something we should be intuiting and looking for.

Grandpa's Toys

Grandpa made these toys a long time ago and gave them to me when he outgrew his dollhouse phase. They have been broken and repaired several times. I finally found a brilliant use for them.


Gouache and Pastel on Wood and Bottles
Study after Degas

Camping Coffee Pot

8 x 10 Oil on Wood Panel


Oil on Wood Panel 9 x 12