Monday, September 6, 2010


Paint, color, smears together making itself into something other than itself. I find that it is rarely okay to use a pure pigment in its original state. Only as an accent. Primary only means the beginning. Must be molded and mixed into something else.

Walk with me

Holding hands

Discussing the honesty

In and of itself

How much does the pigment want to integrate with other colors?
And when mixed too much it slips into oblivion and unifies but not always into something beautiful. Often times into something truly ugly.
This is where the brush becomes a magic wand. It can create beauty or great ugliness.
But it is really the painter behind the wand. How well does the painter know themselves?
Is the painter overbearing or pleasant? Does the painter mix well with others? Does the painter want to integrate or retain its original state? Philosophically speaking how well does a painter want to know themselves?
Clasp hands together to unify themselves, or at odds, hands the greatest distance from each other?
And do we as painters hold tight to other painter creators and loose ourselves or retain our pure color pigment and add an accent to the collective?
Painters feel this but not all face it or want to articulate it.
We are not separate from each other, not separate from the brush, not separate from the surface, not separate from the pigments and elements we mix together.
We are one with everything.
There needs to be unity or we are not creators and we implode.

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